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Large Swing-out Curbside Door
Gain quick access to vacuum, airline and water hose reels.
Get Organized
Hackney's C&R custom specific shelving allows you to organize all your equipment for the job and increase job site efficiency.
Maximized Driver Side Storage
Hackney's shelving system provides ample room for dehumidifiers and air movers to be securely transported, while providing small part trays and tool storage.
Smart Curb Side Storage
Hose reels, extractor and tank are positioned in the front for side door access, while additional custom shelving is provided in rear for tool and parts storage.
Driver Side Service Compartment
Optional drop down service compartment provides quick and easy driver access to daily tools. Trays can be provided for optimal organization.
All Aluminum Body
Lighter weight means more payload; natural resistance to corrosion; easier to repair ; longer service life; highly recyclable.
Remountable Body
All Hackney bodies are designed to be remounted when the chassis wears out, with extra strength where it counts for multiple swaps to new chassis. This advantage yields unbeatable savings over life of the vehicle.
Drop Floor and Chassis

The chassis frame and the body floor is dropped behind the rear axle creating a lowered, full width, recessed rear stepwell for walk-in access to the interior.

Heavy Duty Corner Post & Top Rails with Cast Corner Caps
Extruded aluminum corner post and top rails for extra strength and smoother appearance. Cast aluminum corner caps welded in place and finished off for seamless appearance and maximum rigidity.
Heavy gauge one piece side panels
Single sheet .125 gauge aluminum with only perimeter rivets showing. Side panels are bonded to intermediate body posts to achieve the smooth billboard sides for impact graphic presentation.
Double wall construction
Front bulkheads and rear doors are double wall on all models for added strength and protection from everyday abuse. Models have double wall side panels as well, with aluminum exterior and white Roofs are double wall with insulation.
Dropped Skirts
All Hackney bodies have lowered skirts that flush out with chassis cabs to give a sleek, modern, low profile look. Lowered skirts also hide batteries, fuel tanks, and other chassis components for a cleaner appearance. Optional skirt boxes can be installed with latching doors for extra storage capacity in this area.
Battery & Fuel Access Doors
Maintain the unbroken smooth look of the body exterior, yet allow full access to these chassis components.
Aluminum Snap-together Floor Planks
Structural floor planks are extruded from one piece of aluminum, with floor reinforcement ribs and locking grooves formed in place. Joined together and welded, they form an exceptionally strong floor assembly with low clearance over the frame.
Full Width Barn Style Rear Doors
Full width swing-out rear doors offer maximum access to interior space and shelving. Optional tool hanging kit turns interior door panels into valuable storage for shovels, brooms, T-handles, snakes, pipe wrenches and other hard to store tools and equipment. No exterior rivets leave smooth surface for graphics.
Spring Rod Door Holdouts

Heavy duty oversized spring and rod style door hold-outs position doors at 90 degrees to prevent injury or damage from free-swinging doors. Convenient for accessing tools and items hung on doors.

HD Deadbolt Lock System
Two-point deadbolt lock system with 5/8" center case (concealed between door panels) and heavy duty connecting bars with deluxe cast handle and push lock cylinder make up the premium lock system installed on every Hackney. Spring loaded safety latch for LH door holds it in place until doors overlap and lock is engaged.   
Rear Bumper
Aluminum step bumper - open grating design for improved safety. Bolts down flush on top of chassis extension framework for added "bump" protection.
Wiring Junction Box
Body wiring circuits terminate in enclosed junction box mounted on frame under floor in rear. Terminal lug connections are more secure and weather resistant than most splice connections and make it easier to add circuits or troubleshoot wiring.